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The University has several dormitories. The most favored ones are

Campus Hotel: 4028 Debrecen, Kassai street 26 (Kassai Campus of the University of Debrecen), 100 meters from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and from the Faculty of Informatics

Lajos Kossuth Dormitory: 4032 Debrecen, Egyetem tér 1 (main Campus of the University of Debrecen), 100 meters from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and from the Faculty of Science and Technology, 250 meters from the Faculty of Music.

The Campus dormitory consists of two buildings and also expects visitors outside the university study period as a three-star hotel. The hotel providing 930 beds on almost 17 thousand square meters is located at the campus of the University of Debrecen in Kassai Street, Debrecen next to Road 4. The huge closed area of the University and the dormitory is situated in a 15-minute walking distance from the downtown and a 5-minute walk from the Great Forest. The two buildings of this facility encircle a park, where residents can meet, study or simply take a stroll in a pleasant and beautiful environment decorated by bridges and groves. At the top of both buildings there is a spacious roof terrace equipped with benches.

Room types at both dormitories: Students can apply for having accommodation in rooms of double occupancy. No single rooms are available. The rooms are air conditioned and equipped with bathroom, color TV and fridge for residents’ convenience. All rooms have internet connection as well. Residents of the hotel can cook and eat in shared kitchens accessible from the wide corridors of the building. All the rooms are provided with telephone, beds with bed-linen, drawers and one writing table, desk lamp, chair, bookshelf and lockable wardrobe per person as well. Services: sports courts, fitness room, laundry room, photocopy shop, restaurant, bar, buffet.

Price: 60 000 HUF/month/person (about 300 USD) in a room of double occupancy. Students can have accommodation in the above mentioned dormitories by signing a five-month contract and they need to pay the whole semester accommodation fee (1500 USD) in advance

We can also recommend, the Auguszta Hotel. In Auguszta Hotel most of the apartments are single room apartments, but there are some 2 and 3 room apartments as well. The common premises(lounge, dining room) also serve the comfort of guests. Each apartment has a kitchen with fridge, microwave oven, electric oven and kitchenware, a bathroom and a balcony. Internet access is available in each room. The rooms offer a nice view on the Great Forest surrounding the Hotel, which is considered one of the most popular sights in Debrecen with its fauna. Between the buildings there are well attended resting parks and a parking lot suitable for 50 cars. Other services of the Hotel: fitness room, sauna, laundry room, conference hall and copy shop. Please find further information and prices at: /

The West Hostel ( )is situated in a beautiful environment, in the area of the Clinics of the University of Debrecen. There are 80 non- smoking rooms with extra bed capacities in the whole year. The rooms are air-conditioned, equipped with TV and internet connection, and each apartment also has its own kitchen and bathroom with shower cabin. To improve the convenience of Guests the hostel operates a 24-hour reception service, security service, safe, car park use, laundry, and in the building there is a Korean restaurant.

Those who prefer to live in a private accommodation or are unsuccessful in their application for the student hostel can contact one of the Housing Agencies that will help them to find an apartment. We can recommend the Troubleshooter ( ) and the Student Housing ( ). They will help you search for flats to rent for a reasonable service fee. There are a lot of flats available for students near the campus. Depending on location, quality, and the number of persons and rooms, the usual rent varies from 40.000 to 80.000 HUF, monthly.


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