Giáo sư Yvonne Gao áp dụng các kỹ năng giải quyết vấn đề tốt cho tính toán lượng tử

Thứ năm, 12/05/2022, 16:42 GMT+7

In this series, NUS News profiles the University’s Presidential Young Professors who are at the forefront of their research fields, turning creative ideas into important innovations that make the world better.

Asst Prof Gao and her PhD students assembling the components of their samples and the microwave signal lines that carry the quantum information. (Photo: Agency for Science, Technology and Research)

As a primary school girl, her favourite pastime was soldering electronic circuit boards in her father’s workshop at home.

Twenty-five years later, she is designing superconducting “circuit boards” for quantum computers as well as leading and inspiring an international group of young researchers in her own laboratory at the futuristic Centre for Quantum Technologies at NUS.

Assistant Professor Yvonne Gao’s scientific quest is supported not only by the NUS Presidential Young Professorship that she received in 2020, but also by Singapore’s National Research Foundation Fellowship. She has also been named one of Women’s Weekly’s Great Women of Our Time and one of the MIT Tech Review’s Innovators under 35 (Asia Pacific). In 2021, she received the prestigious Young Scientist Award which recognises young researchers, aged 35 years and below, who are actively engaged in R&D in Singapore, and who have shown great potential to be world-class researchers in their fields of expertise.

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