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Stenden Rangsit students meet Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra

Last Friday (23 March), students in the International Protocol and Diplomatic Studies (IPaDS) minor had the unique opportunity to experience politics up close and personal. They had the privilege of attending Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s keynote address to the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand at the upscale Intercontinental Hotel.

Two of our IPaD students met Prime Minister Yingluck and even had a chance to introduce themselves and Stenden Rangsit briefly

The Prime Minister discussed issues ranging from political reconciliation, a new water management program and her commitment to the rule of law. Yingluck faced tough questions from the foreign journalists in attendance. With occasional help from an adviser and a lot of charm she answered queries about her role as Prime Minister and the supposed influence of her exiled brother Thaksin. Yingluck relied heavily on her charm and quick wit to counter questions. In response to one of the lighter questions, she revealed her favorite music style as being ‘easy listening’ and shared that she has over 5,000 songs on her iPod.

After the speech some IPaDS students managed to briefly talk to the PM and even had their picture taken with her. For all students it was a great opportunity to be “in on the action” and witness news in the making. In the coming weeks students will attend several embassies and international organizations to further familiarize themselves to the world of international relations and diplomacy.

For more information about the event, keep a close eye on the students’ AsiaNow Blog, www.asianowblog.com.

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