15 giảng viên của trường NUS Business School được công nhận trong số 2% các nhà khoa học hàng đầu trên toàn thế giới

Thứ sáu, 19/11/2021, 09:18 GMT+7
We are proud to share that 15 faculty members from NUS Business School were recently recognised among the Top 2% of Scientists Worldwide, in a study by Stanford University.

Top row from left: Prof Thompson Teo; Visiting Prof Sherri Kimes; Prof Andrew K. Rose (Dean); Prof Duan Jin Chuan; Prof Michael Frese. Second row: Prof David de Cremer; Prof Wong Poh Kam; Prof Vivien Lim; Visiting Prof Richard D. Arvey; Prof Jochen Wirtz. Third row: Prof Ho Teck Hua (Provost); Prof Chang Sea Jin; Prof Andrew Delios; Prof Sumit Agarwal; Prof Mark Goh

Led by Dr John PA Ioannidis and published in Elsevier BV, the study ranks the most cited scientists in the world across a range of disciplines, based on a composite citation index. The analysis was conducted using citations from Scopus along with data assessing scientists for career-long citation impact till the year 2020 and for citation impact during a single calendar year.

Congratulations to the listed faculty members!

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