6 nhà khoa học NUS đã giới thiệu công trình nghiên cứu trong một cuộc triển lãm

Thứ sáu, 24/03/2023, 08:55 GMT+7

Technological advancements have enabled us to solve many challenging problems of mankind and improve our quality of life. To help the general public better appreciate the positive impact of technology, a team of six NUS scientists led by Assistant Professor Andy Tay showcased their research work in an exhibition titled “Technologies for a Future-ready Singapore” held at Cheng San Public Library from 3 to 20 March 2023.

A team of NUS scientists showcased their research work through an exhibition held at Cheng San Public Library.

Asst Prof Tay, who is from the Department of Biomedical Engineering under the NUS College of Design and Engineering (NUS CDE), said, “Science outreach is a subject very close to my heart. As a first-generation university graduate, I did not have access or opportunities to come into contact with researchers. One of my fondest memories as a child was to visit the library on weekends to read science books. It was with this in mind that we collaborated with the National Library Board to have the exhibition in a heartland library to bring science closer to the residents.”

This exhibition was organised in the wake of a successful science outreach exhibition held at Woodlands Regional Library last year where six NUS researchers created videos in mandarin to share their work in the areas of regenerative medicine, digital health and cancer science.

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