Các nhà giáo dục quốc tế đưa ra 5 chiến lược chính để các trường đại học áp dụng

Thứ tư, 01/12/2021, 09:49 GMT+7

What are the roles of universities, industries and governments in cultivating a culture of lifelong learning in society? How should universities develop a diverse suite of lifelong learning offerings to cater to learners in various stages of their professional careers?

Clockwise from top left: THE moderator, Associate Editor Sara Custer, Prof Gong Ke of the World Federation of Engineering Organisations, Prof Susanna Leong of NUS, Prof Euiho Suh of Ajou University, and Prof Anton Muscatelli of the University of Glasgow.

These issues were addressed at the Times Higher Education (THE) Teaching Excellence Summit 2021, in a session titled “Instilling a passion for lifelong learning: how can universities do it?”.

As international educators laid out five key strategies for universities to adopt, Professor Susanna Leong, NUS Vice Provost (Masters' Programmes & Lifelong Education) and Dean of NUS School of Continuing & Lifelong Education (SCALE), shared her take on the topic.

Outlining NUS’ pedagogical philosophy in continuing education and training (CET), she said, “We believe that our relationship with our students does not end with the completion of an undergraduate degree. CET is very much an integral part of our students’ education and personal development, and a means to ensure they remain competitive.”

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