Các nhà khoa học NUS phát hiện thêm các loài kiến ở singapore, nâng số lượng lên 409 loài

Thứ năm, 04/08/2022, 15:45 GMT+7

Singapore has the largest ant diversity in the world, according to a new study conducted by scientists from the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (LKCNHM) under the NUS Faculty of Science, and their collaborators from Hong Kong and Japan.

The faces of some Singapore ants. Credit: Maimon Hussin, LKCNHM

The international research team has recently uncovered 409 species (including subspecies) and 100 genera of ants in Singapore, of which 121 species and 10 genera are new records. Thirty-four of these ant species are only found in Singapore. The scientists also found that a majority of the ant species recorded in Singapore are native to the Indo-Malayan region, with 13 species originating from other regions.

This landmark study was published in the scientific journal Asian Myrmecology on 14 July 2022.

To achieve this significant milestone, the team trawled through thousands of records from digital data repositories such as the Global Ant Biodiversity Informatics (GABI) database, AntWeb and AntCat. The team also examined and identified numerous specimens from the Zoological Reference Collection (ZRC) held at the LKCNHM. The scientists also scrutinised relevant literature dated as far back as the late 1800s.

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