Các phát minh trẻ từ NUS Engineering một trong ba người chiến thắng toàn cầu cho Giải thưởng James Dyson

Thứ năm, 18/11/2021, 09:07 GMT+7

A team of young inventors from NUS Engineering is making a big step forward in bringing new ‘HOPES’ to glaucoma patients. Their wearable device, called Home Eye Pressure E-skin Sensor, or HOPES, which is designed for safe, accurate, pain-free and low cost intraocular pressure (IOP) monitoring at home, has been selected as one of three global winners for the prestigious James Dyson Award this year.

From left to right: David Lee, Yu Kelu and Li Si showing their winning design HOPES - a simple, accurate and painless device for glaucoma patients to test their eyes’ fluid pressure regularly at home. Photo credit: James Dyson Award Foundation

This is the first time in the Award’s 17-year history that a team from Singapore has emerged as the international winner.

The James Dyson Award is an annual international design competition, aimed at encouraging aspiring engineers and inventors to apply their knowledge and discover new ways to solve problems, improve lives through technology and change the world. 

The winning design, HOPES, combines an electronic skin (e-skin) sensor technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to offer a convenient method for users to self-monitor IOP at home. This invention was first selected as a Singapore National Winner and subsequently shortlisted into the International Top 20 among 83 national finalists from 28 countries and regions. The Top 20 entries were personally reviewed by Sir James Dyson who crowned HOPES as this year’s International Winner. The award is given out by the James Dyson Foundation, the charitable arm of the firm.

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