Cải tiến bởi các sinh viên NUS nhận được Giải thưởng James Dyson năm 2022

Thứ hai, 12/09/2022, 10:09 GMT+7

Ms Koh Bei Ning and her "roller-scratcher" designs.


The 23-years old Ms Koh Bei Ning, who suffers from eczema since she was 14 years old, revealed that it was common for her to wake up with bleeding skin and stained bed sheets. Ms Koh is working at the Design Incubation Centre of the National University of Singapore (NUS) as one of the designers.

Motivated by other designs being unsatisfying, she designed one herself. Although she started designing a “scratcher” as her final-year project, she submitted it to the 2022 Singapore National James Dyson Award.

On September 7th, her designed was announced as one of the two runner-ups.



Mr Tay showing his rehabilitation assisting tool, Rehabit.


John Tay, a final-year industrial design student at NUS, heard that his father suffered a stroke. That was when he decided to help his father in his recovery and to overcome the lack of available proper rehabilitation equipment.

Mr Tay’s design is Rehabit, a set of assisted exercise tools allowing patients to perform arms, wrist and finger movement exercise safely and independently. His tool was designed to keep exercises fun and engaging, thus increasing the chance of a successful recovery.

Mr Tay submitted his design as part of his final-year project. And at this year’s Singapore National James Dyson Award, he was awarded the Winner with the prize of S$9,000.


Founded by the British engineer and inventor James Dyson, the James Dyson Award first rewarded innovators in 2005, recognizing practical problem-solving inventions and innovations by design engineering students.


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