Giám đốc CQT Giáo sư José Ignacio Latorre được phong danh hiệu Giáo sư ưu tú của ST Engineering

Thứ hai, 20/03/2023, 09:02 GMT+7

Professor José Ignacio Latorre, Director of Singapore’s Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT), has been conferred a Distinguished Professorship by ST Engineering. The inaugural award recognises researchers who have made outstanding contributions to the strategic goal of achieving impactful research translation. Prof Latorre was among four recipients who was accorded the honour. He was lauded for his work in quantum technology, especially in accelerating the translation of research into industry applications. 

As the Lead Principal Investigator for Singapore’s National Quantum Computing Hub (NQCH), Prof Latorre spearheads efforts to build Singapore’s capabilities in quantum computing.

“My focus is to help build the new quantum computing paradigm. I hope to modestly help make Singapore more relevant in the quantum landscape. This will require concrete actions, and I'm looking forward to defining projects that bring quantum solutions to the economy,” said Prof Latorre.

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