Giáo sư NUS giành giải thưởng Khoa Học Robot

Thứ tư, 13/10/2021, 15:12 GMT+7

A team comprising Professor David Hsu and Professor Lee Wee Sun from NUS School of Computing, as well as Associate Professor Hanna Kurniawati from the Australian National University, has clinched the prestigious Robotics Science and Systems (RSS) Test of Time Award for their pioneering work in developing an algorithm that allows for motion planning in uncertain and dynamic environments for autonomous robots.

The RSS Test of Time Award 2021 was awarded to (from left to right): Provost’s Chair Professor David Hsu and Prof Lee Wee Sun from NUS Computing, and Assoc Prof Hanna Kurniawati from the Australian National University

The trio’s research opened up new opportunities for the use of principled decision frameworks in a variety of robot systems, such as autonomous driving, aircraft collision avoidance and robot grasping and manipulation.

The award spotlights groundbreaking past research that has significantly shaped the field of robotic design and is only given to papers that have the highest impact and were published at an RSS conference from at least 10 years ago.

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