Nghiên cứu của NUS về chất xúc tác mới cho sản xuất dược phẩm bền vững

Thứ tư, 11/10/2023, 10:28 GMT+7

A team of NUS researchers led by Associate Professor Lu Jiong from the Department of Chemistry under the NUS Faculty of Science, together with their international collaborators, have developed a new class of catalysts - known as heterogeneous geminal atom catalysts (GACs) - that promotes greener and more sustainable manufacturing processes for fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals.


Assoc Prof Lu Jiong (left), Assoc Prof Koh Ming Joo (centre) and Asst Prof Zhu Ye (right) were part of the NUS team of scientists who worked with their international collaborators to develop a novel catalyst that has the potential to promote an environmentally friendly future in chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing.


Fine chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing are major sources of air pollution, with recent studies showing the carbon footprint of the pharmaceutical industry to be heavier than the automotive industry. Beyond greenhouse gas emissions, the pharmaceutical industry is also responsible for other serious environmental impacts, such as water pollution from wastewater released by manufacturers.

“Developing alternative catalytic systems capable of achieving atomic-level precision while ensuring recoverability is at the forefront of our mission to revolutionise sustainable manufacturing processes for fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals. This ground-breaking achievement is the outcome of a close collaboration between several institutions,” said Assoc Prof Lu.


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