Nhà khoa học hàng hải của NUS, Tiến sĩ Neo Mei Lin ra mắt cuốn sách mới

Thứ ba, 21/03/2023, 09:11 GMT+7

Dr Neo Mei Lin, senior research fellow from the NUS Tropical Marine Science Institute, has published a new book entitled A Field Guide to Giant Clams of The Indo-Pacific. The book highlights the ecological, cultural and socio-economic significance of these endangered marine bivalves, which can grow up to 1.5m in length and weigh almost 300kg.

Giant clams are an integral part of tropical marine ecosystems; they are a source of food and shelter for other marine animals like fish and crabs, and can filter water by removing larger particles and excess nutrients. Although they can be found in tropical coral reefs along Singapore's southern shores and islands, including Sisters' Islands, Pulau Hantu and Raffles Lighthouse, their numbers have been declining.

The book highlights various methods used by scientists to conserve giant clams and preserve their natural habitats. It documents how giant clams have been bred in hatcheries and successfully transplanted, or 'restocked', in the wild.

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