NUS đạt danh hiệu Nhà sáng tạo hàng đầu

Thứ năm, 11/11/2021, 11:57 GMT+7

NUS has been named one of most innovative organisations in South and Southeast Asia by research firm Clarivate.

The University has been recognised for its leading role in developing new technologies and taking them to market.

It is the second year running that the University has been recognised by Clarivate, a Thomson Reuters spin-off known for its analytics services covering science and academia.

Clarivate’s ranking weighed factors such as the number of patents, number of citations, patent success rate and the institution’s level of globalisation.

“From our lens, the two things which are important are the uniqueness of the inventions, the acceptance of the technologies, and your investments with respect to truly commercialising it,” said Clarivate Solution Consultant Mr Abhijeet Patil at a virtual awards ceremony held this week.

“If somebody is using your patents to further develop products, it would be a big plus in terms of influence.”

In this regard, the University’s performance has been outstanding. According to Clarivate’s research, NUS produced 639 inventions from 2015 to 2019 and had a patent success rate of 16 per cent, a strong figure given that a large proportion of applications are rejected.

Clarivate applauded the influence of NUS research on the medical, pharmaceutical and bioscience sector and the electronics industry, as well as on other universities which regularly build on NUS inventions to develop their own.

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