NUS phát triển công cụ lập bản đồ hỗ trợ nghiên cứu tín chỉ các-bon

Thứ ba, 27/09/2022, 14:15 GMT+7

NUS Professor Koh Lian Pin (right) and his research team collaborated with ST Engineering Geo-Insights to develop the Carbon Prospecting Dashboard. The dashboard pictured in the screens helps policymakers and investors identify the location of nature-based projects, and calculate the estimated yield of carbon credits and return-on-investment and quantify the co-benefits of the projects.


An interactive mapping software that will support the prospecting, development and management of nature-based carbon credit projects worldwide was launched on 22 September at the World Economic Forum - Champions for Nature event in New York during Climate Week NYC 2022. The open-access platform (, dubbed the Carbon Prospecting Dashboard, was jointly developed by the Centre for Nature-based Climate Solutions (CNCS), a research centre under the National University of Singapore (NUS) Faculty of Science, and ST Engineering’s satellite data and geospatial analytics business, ST Engineering Geo-Insights.

This first-of-its-kind dashboard supports the preservation of carbon-rich, natural ecosystems, such as tropical forests and mangroves, by helping policymakers and investors identify where nature-based projects can be developed as potential sources of high-quality carbon credits. The platform enables users to calculate the estimated yield of carbon credits and their financial return-on-investment, based on user-defined assumptions such as project duration, costs and carbon prices.


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