NUS phối hợp với WWF Singapore để tiên phong phục hồi san hô nước sâu

Thứ hai, 14/08/2023, 11:10 GMT+7

Researchers from the NUS Tropical Marine Science Institute, in partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore, together with the National Parks Board, are working to move coral restoration to deeper waters in the Southern Islands. The project aims to understand how to restore corals in the deeper reefs of around 6-8m in Singapore waters.


A coral that was transplanted in a degraded reef zone around one of the Southern Islands at a depth of about 7 metres. Photo credit: Denise McIntyre.


For the pilot, seven hard coral species with higher chances of surviving in low-light conditions have been selected. The corals are first grown in nursery tanks under low-light conditions at St John’s Island National Marine Laboratory. Once they have grown into a suitable size of 3cm to 5cm, they are transplanted to light-limited reef zones found in the Southern Islands.

Dr Jani Tanzil, Senior Research Fellow at NUS TMSI, said, “The scientific outcomes from this research project will also hopefully contribute to the upcoming national effort to plant 100,000 corals that will kick-start natural recovery.”


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