Phó Giáo Sư Dieleman NUS đã nhận được nhiều giải thưởng Nhà giáo dục xuất sắc

Thứ hai, 27/03/2023, 15:14 GMT+7

Assoc Prof Dieleman’s course, which focuses largely on Asian firms, helps students understand issues from the viewpoints of owners, employees, investors as well as policymakers.

Assoc Prof Dieleman won the Outstanding Educator Award in for her outstanding pedagogical methods and innovative teaching approach.

They go on excursions to places such as homegrown wine company Hock Tong Bee, and listen to illustrious guest speakers like Mr Lim Hock Chee, the chief executive of supermarket retailer Sheng Siong; Mr Richard Eu, chairman of traditional Chinese medicine company Eu Yan Sang International; and Ms Michelle Cheo, chief executive of edible oils and fats business Mewah Group.

Assoc Prof Dieleman’s innovative teaching approach has earned her many accolades over the years, including the Outstanding Educator Award, NUS Business School Outstanding Educator Award and NUS Annual Teaching Excellence Award.

“Students learn in different ways,” she added. “They can listen, they can read. But to feel it, to stand in that context, that has a real added value.”

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