Sinh viên NUS tạo ra những đổi mới về thực phẩm độc đáo từ sản phẩm Nhật Bản

Thứ hai, 06/12/2021, 15:15 GMT+7

Students from NUS Food Science and Technology (FST), have worked with two companies from Hakodate City in Hokkaido, Japan, to develop two unique food products from Japanese produce while catering to Singaporean taste buds.

Paulie Teo (front row, right), Frederick Oon (back row, centre) and their team mates developed a snack aptly named Shiokamala which combines Japanese shiokara and Chinese mala flavours.

The products, Shiokamala and Sesame Miso Flounder, showcase key ingredients from Hakodate – shiokara seasoning, a powdered flavouring made from salted, fermented squid, and fresh flounder respectively. The NUS students developed these products as part of their projects for an FST module on food product development and packaging. The module provides an opportunity for students to develop commercially-feasible food innovations, at times in collaboration with local and overseas enterprises. This collaboration with Hakodate City is a first undertaken by FST.

Hakodate, located at the southern part of Hokkaido, is a city by the sea well-known for high-quality seafood including squid, kelp, sea urchin and a variety of fish. The city has an extensive network of resources that support food-related industries, including wholesale markets, academic research centres and trade-support organisations. It is also home to food processing businesses that utilise Hakodate’s natural produce to create original food products.

Introducing an iconic Japanese flavour to local tastebuds

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