5 Nhà khoa học NUS được vinh danh là nhà nghiên cứu đổi mới dưới 35 tuổi ở Châu Á Thái Bình Dương

Thứ tư, 03/11/2021, 11:53 GMT+7

Five young researchers from NUS who have made great achievements in their respective fields have been identified as among the most influential innovators in Asia Pacific who are younger than 35.

Young researchers from NUS have been identified as promising leaders in their fields by the prestigious MIT Technology Review Innovators Under 35 Asia Pacific. First row (left to right) Dr Agata Blasiak, Asst Prof Koh Ming Joo and Asst Prof Jonathan Scarlett; Second row (left to right) Asst Prof Shin Sunmi and Asst Prof Tan Yu Jun.

Recognised in the 2021 MIT Technology Review Innovators Under 35 Asia Pacific List which was unveiled on 28 October, these honourees were selected by distinguished judges from around the world, based on criteria such as: impact, ingenuity, daring, timeliness, entrepreneurial accomplishments, and communication skills.

Each year, MIT Technology Review recognises brilliant talents for their advancements in diverse technical fields including biotechnology and medicine, computer and electronics hardware, software, internet, artificial intelligence, robotics, telecommunications, nanotechnology and materials, energy, and transportation. These outstanding innovators are commended under five categories: Inventors who build the stuff of the future; Entrepreneurs who hope to turn innovations into disruptive businesses; Visionaries who find powerful new uses of technology; Humanitarians who take unconventional routes to bring about a healthier, cleaner, and more adaptable world; and Pioneers who push the edge of science to create new approaches to tackling technology challenges.

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