8 dự án NUS đi tiên phong trong công nghệ năng lượng cacbon thấp

Thứ bảy, 30/10/2021, 16:06 GMT+7

From novel processes to produce hydrogen to innovative ways to capture, use and store carbon dioxide, eight teams led by NUS researchers have recently been awarded funding under the Low-Carbon Energy Research Funding Initiative (LCER FI) to develop cutting-edge low-carbon energy technology solutions. They are among the 12 projects – selected from more than 50 strong research proposals – to receive a total of S$55 million in research grants from the Singapore Government.

Eight teams led by NUS researchers will explore innovative ways to advance hydrogen adoption, as well as to capture, utilise and store carbon dioxide.

These projects aim to improve the technical and economic feasibility of implementing low-carbon technologies to support the decarbonisation of Singapore’s power and industry sectors, across two key areas: reducing costs and increasing efficiencies of hydrogen-related processes so as to harness hydrogen’s attractiveness as an energy carrier for storing and transporting energy; and cutting carbon dioxide emissions by capturing and converting them into useful products or for storage underground.

Commenting on the significance of these projects, Minister for Trade and Industry Mr Gan Kim Yong said, “As an alternative energy-disadvantaged country, we have to invest early in low-carbon energy technologies such as hydrogen, and carbon dioxide capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS), so that we are able to meet emission targets in 2050 and beyond. They will complement decarbonisation efforts such as solar deployment and low-carbon electricity imports into Singapore, which can contribute to emission cuts in the nearer term.”

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