Ba học giả của NUS tham gia ngày Quốc tế Toán học (IDM)

Thứ ba, 14/03/2023, 11:03 GMT+7

For the International Day of Mathematics 2023, three NUS academics are proving that more than an abstract intellectual exercise, mathematics is an exciting field with many practical applications and a fulfilling career path with ample opportunities.

Mathematics is not just an abstract field of study but is a relatively diverse area with a wide variety of applications. From left to right: Asst Prof Jonathan Scarlett, Assoc Prof Vincent Tan and Assoc Prof Yao Yao from the NUS Department of Mathematics.

Every year, the International Day of Mathematics (IDM) falls on the 14th day of March. The timing is deliberate; even before the IDM was first declared by UNESCO at the 40th session of the General Conference in 2019, the date had already been widely commemorated as Pi day because many countries write it out as 3/14, reminiscent of the mathematical constant.

The goal of the IDM is to highlight the value of mathematics and mathematics education in scientific research and in everyday life. This year, the IDM seeks to do so through its theme, Mathematics for Everyone, which is meant to prove that mathematics isn’t an arcane body of knowledge accessible only to geniuses and people adept at arithmetic.

For IDM this year, the National University of Singapore (NUS) is spotlighting three of its eminent academics. From information theory to group testing and fluid dynamics, these scholars are proving that mathematics is not merely an abstract field of study but is a diverse area with a wide variety of potential applications.

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