20/03/2023, Thứ hai
Professor José Ignacio Latorre, Director of Singapore’s Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT), has been conferred a Distinguished Professorship by ST Engineering.
17/03/2023, Thứ sáu
In a recently published study, researchers from the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore (CSI Singapore) at NUS demonstrated for the first time the mechanism that causes the suppression of the RNA editing enzyme known as adenosine deaminases acting on RNA (ADAR2). The NUS researchers also show how understanding this mechanism can explain the development of CBF-AML.
16/03/2023, Thứ năm
More than 750 participants took part in the 2023 Bizad Charity Run on 11 March 2023, raising close to $130,000 that will go towards student bursaries and sustainable causes.