04/05/2022, Thứ tư
Five eminent individuals lauded for their contributions towards nation-building, growth of the University and promotion of the arts and social sciences.
29/04/2022, Thứ sáu
In this series, NUS News profiles the University’s Presidential Young Professors who are at the forefront of their research fields, turning creative ideas into important innovations that make the world better.
27/04/2022, Thứ tư
There will be two additions to the ranks of NUS senior management in the coming months, taking the University to greater heights. Ms Jennifer Ong will take on the mantle of Chief Audit Officer-designate from 1 May and officially start in her new capacity from 1 June, while Mr Kim Jun Sung, who is currently serving as Chief Investment Officer-designate, will officially commence the role from 1 May.